Shades of Love: Inside

maxresdefaultOne of the greatest fears of a man in life is money, a man can kill for cash. A woman’s greatest weakness is love, a woman can die for love. It’s true you know, that love is danger, a fire slowly swallowing the oxygen around and leaves you to suffocate in your own. A woman in love is like a drunk person, she will see black as white and only realize the damage after the hangover when her eyes have cleared. Love in itself is a drug and women fall whether in or out of it.
Love is a battle a woman can’t fight and win because when she says she is done with love, she will still later fall in love and maybe fall even harder. She will forget the pain that was once caused by another being and refresh her heart in preparedness to love with everything she has because her optimism doesn’t allow anything less. She will remember the consequences but will pay them no mind because to her, a new love is a new beginning.
Love is a thing of the heart, it’s hard for a heartless man to fall in love because hurt people hurt other people. Inside the heart of every heartbroken woman lay untold stories of agonies and pains. A shattered dream, broken promises, betrayed trust, wasted time and unseen tears of having to cope alone. Her heart bleeds when she remembers the once sweet man who turned into a beast
The most painful thing about love is falling in love with someone who has another thing entirely on his mind. When a woman puts her life on hold in the name of love and does everything in her power to make a man happy, the man thinks she is weak and takes advantage of her by turning into a beast leaving her from being Belle into being a damsel in distress.
Sometimes, it’s easier and faster for men to move on. However, for a woman, she will fight for their union and do all in her power at the expense of her own fragile heart, slowly crushing it by the day. Do not ask her why she held on a little longer or tried a little harder, she cannot explain it to you in words. They say ‘don’t judge a person if you have not walked in their shoes’, you weren’t there and you didn’t feel the pain. You may have heard a portion of the story and was able to guess the rest but you sure didn’t live it.


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